Aditi Raya New Movie Seven Review

Aditi Raya New Movie Seven Review

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Seven is a romantic suspence drama directed by director Ramesh Verma. Rahman, Havish, Regina, Nandita Shwetha, Aditi Raya, Anisha, Poojitha Ponnada, Tritha Chowdhary. The film was released today.

Karthik (Havish) was working ina software company. The US wants to go to the goal. However, one of the three girlfriends, Ramya (Nandita Shweta), Jeanne (Anisha) and Aditi Aiya, comprises one of them after her husband is missing. After some dramatic events that occur, the husband Karthik (Havish), Karthik was going to marry the girls and police are looking for him. But in the same way, there will be another person like Krishnamurthy. Have you ever cheated those girls? Or Krishna Murthy? Who is the original Krishna Murthy? But why are these three girls love stories similar? What will happen in Karthik’s life? To see things like this, let’s see…


Havish’s central character performance is the movies the biggest weak link. Giving expression is not as easy as growing hair, which is the only thing the actor has in abundance. It is a chore to sit through the proceedings whenever Havish in onscree.
The dubbing of the actor is very off along with the non-existent acting. The lack of confidence can be felt in the body langauge in many scenes where Havish isn’t even looking at the camers.


Nizar Shafi, a famous cinematographer, makes his directorial debut with Seven. It is a different attempt in that the routine-story was presented in a thriller format with multiple twists in the narrative.


Regina Cassandra
Second Half




Havish, Regina, Nandita Shweta is the heroine of the movie and the romantic suspence drama, which was directed by Nair Shafi, but the filmmakers tried to make the movie a bit different from the routine movies.

Title: Seven
Cast: Shweta, Aditi Raya, Anisha,Poojitha Ponandha, Tritha Chowdhary
Director: Nicket Shafi
Producer: Ramesh Verma
Music: Chaitan Bhardwaj
Screenplay: Ramesh Varma
Cinematography: Nizar Shafi
Editor: Praveen KL

Rating: 3/5

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