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Akkineni Akhil New Movie Mr Majnu Review

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Mr Majnu was come out as the third film from Akkineni smarty akhil. Akhil’s movies never really worked well, the fans of Akkineni are keeping lot of expectations on this movie.


Nicky (Nidhi Agarwal) and Vicky (Akhil) was based out of abroad comes to India for a family wedding. Nicky always wanted a a husband like God Shrirama, was lot of expectations. Vicky is a different character doesn’t wanted to be in longtime relationship. She realizes his true side, proposes to him a two month love relationship but Vicky always discourages her saying he’s not suitable match for her, rejects after the 60 day period. Hurt by his acts, Nicky returns to UK. Vicky desperately misses Nicky and goes to UK where she studies. There is a drastic change in Vicky’s character by the time of interval. A play boy turns to be an emotional guy. How both of them eventually get along forms rest of the story.


The movie runs on two different shades. One side goes in complete entertainment manner. It looks like emotional scenes was rightly elevated while Akhil’s naughtiness on the other hand. The title song was visually good and showcases Akhil’s new avatar with eight-pack abs.


Akhil was done a fabulous job, be it action sequence or in the dances while he is in a desperate situation to deliver a hit therefore he seems to have chosen a romantic and emotional embodied script.

Technical Values:

Music is not so great this time around by SS Thaman. Thaman could not be able to impress the audience who expected a music like Tholiprema. Cinematography skills were well present on the screen.


First Half
Action Episodes


Routine Story
Second Half
Background Music


As the title suggested Mr. Majnu is an emotional and love drama. First half was good while second half is okay.

Title: Mr Majnu
Cast: Akhil, Naga Babu, Nidhhi Agerwal
Director: Venky Atluri
Producer: BVSN Prasad

Rating: 3/5

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