Allu Sirish New Movie ABCD Review

Allu Sirish New Movie ABCD Review

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Allu Sirish was pinned a lot of hopes on his new film ABCD which is remake of the Malayalam hit film with the same name.


Aravind (Allu Sirish) is a rich spoilt brat in the US who does not have any value for money. Seeing his careless attitude, his dad (Naga Babu) sends him to Indian to understand the real value of money. At first, Aravind feels that it is a jolly trip but comes to know that his father was cut off of his finances. Rest Of the Story is as to how Aravind surivives in India and crosses paths with Neha (Rukhar) and knows the harsh relaities of Life.


Compared to his previous films, Allu Sirish was improved a lot and offered a matured performances. He did well when it comes to expressions and dialogues delivery.
Rukhar Dhillon is beauty is beautiful and she did perform well. Master Bharat who is quite successful as a Child Artiste failed to leave a mark of his own inspite of travelling with the hero throughout.


Mella Mellaga Song composed by Judah Sandhy is pretty good. Background Score will have been better. Cinematography by Raam is worth praising. Editing by Naveen Nooli will has been more sharper.


Allu Sirish’s Growth As An Actor
Rukshar Dhillon
First Half




ABCD is a youthful comedy which works only in parts. The film starts well and evokes decent fun in the first half. Allu Sirish does well with his impressive performance but the boring second half and the improper climax take things down.

Title: ABCD
Cast: Allu Sirish, Rukshar Dhillon, Naga Babu
Director: Sanjeev Reddy
Producers: Madhura Sridhar Reddy, Yash Rangineni
Music Director: Judah Sandhy
Cinematography: Raam
Editor: Navin Nooli

Rating: 3/5

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