Anushka Nisabdham Movie New Poster

Nishabdham Pre Look: Hand With A Paint Brush!

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First Look Poster of Anushka Shetty-starrer Nishabdham is all set to release at 11 am on September 11th. A hand holding the paint brush was presented to raisw the curiosity. The look sported by Anushka for this flick will be released. The sketch will be that of the Baahubali Actress.
What Hemanth Madhukar will be offering with Nishabdham? There is no clue what-so-ever on how this project was going to be like. This is more like a comeback flick for Kona Venkat who didn’t taste good success in the recent years.
Ever since Anushka’s airport pics went viral on social media, Movie Buffs was curious to know how she gonna be looking in her upcoming movie. Will Sweety surprise or disappoint?

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