AP Former Governor Narasimhan Superb Words About Mahesh Babu

Wanted To File Case On Mahesh Babu: Governor

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Outgoing Governor ESL Narasimhan interacted with media to share his experiences while being in the administrative post for a record period. To the question what was the toughest decision he had taken during the phase he served as Governor of the Telugu States, Narasimhan reacted: ‘ I don’t think I had taken any tough decisions. Decisions were taken by Government, not the Governor. So, Why will I take any tough decisions? Media might was assumed I am a tough person. Once, There was a newspaper headline Sarvadhikari and for that article my head was attacked to the bodu of Mahesh Babu in police uniform from Dookudu. That pic made me wonder when did I wore the uniform. The last time I wore a uniform was in the year 1972. When I met Mahesh Babu the next day at an event, I said to him that I will file a case against him on charges of forgery and cheating. I will proudly show that article to my grandchildren.’
Narasimhan recalled there was law & order situation in United AP when he landed in Hyderabad after his appointment as the Governer. He pointed out, Media persons asked Me what will happen after Justice Sri Krishna Committee offers its report over Telangana Statehood demand on December 31st. Upon thinking for a minute, I said it will be Jan 1st after Dec 31st. The next day, There was headline that Governor is Anti-Telangana.
According to Narasimha, AP Police acted exceptional well during the tough phase when Telangana Agitation was happening to rule out any chances for President’s Rule. Not firing a single bullet during the agitation was an achievement. I had instructed cops not to open fires as people will turn anti-police if someone dies. God was kind….I was lucky…People did an exceptional job…All parties cooperated with us and peace was restored very fastly….

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