Archana New Movie Jessie Review

Archana New Movie Jessie Review

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Jessie is a phychological horror thriller written and directed by Aswani Kumar V. The film’s trailer by some means generated interest.


A team of four professional ghost hunters on their way to conduct a paranormal investigation at a haunted house named Victoria House gives lift to owner of the house (Archana). They experience few weird things in the incomplete backdrop narrated with ghost Jessie and her sister Amy. What they did to know the complete story? Who’s this Jessie? Will the ghost hunters team survive. given everybody who entered the house before ended their lives?

Technical Aspects:

Director Ashwani Kumar’s idea of dealing with a horror thriller by mixing human psychology was nice, but he succeeded only yo an extent in the execution part. Editing is good, as the editor kept the film’s runtime short by not extending it with unwanted scenes.


Twists And Turns


Flawed Emotions
Serious Premise

Jessie is a psychological horror thriller which has a few engaging moments. The narration and character establishment in the first half was okay.

Title: Jessie
Cast: Ashima Narwal, Sritha Chandana, Archana, Atul Kulkarni, Kabhir Duhan Singh, Pavani Gangireddy
Director: Aswani Kumar V
Producer: Shweta Singh

Rating: 3/5

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