Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas New Movie Sita Review

Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas New Movie Sita Review

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Director Teja teamed up with young hero Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas and actress Kajal Aggarwal for a film titled as Sita.


Constructions company owner Sita ( Kajal Aggarwal) signs a crazy agreement with a Goonda MLA Basavaraj (Sonu Sood) to demolish the houses in City’s slum area. In return she agrees to have a one month live-in relationship with the MLA. Upone he completes his task, Sita backs off from her part. Sita goes to Bhutan to meet Ram(Sai Srinivas). MLA Basavaraj chases them RAM unknowingly rescues her in few instances. After some time, the couple being on run, the efforts to capture them forms the rest of this film.


Sita film has a unique story line with Sita and Ram’s challenging role. She is not perfect in this role, but he performed adequately, MLA Govindaraju, his advisor Jayababu conversations was funny.
Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas got a challenging role in lines of yesteryear’s classic Swatimutyam’s hero role.
First half of this film is somewhat bearable, lengthy second half with so mnay twists makes it a so-so film. Koyilamma, Bullreddy two songs was good on screen. Production values..


Two Songs
Kajal Aggarwal Character
Some funny conversations between Villains, his team memner


Hero character, performance
Overaction of lead pair
Too many twists in the plot


Sita offers little entertainment but main storyline and narration are cliched ones.

Title: Sita
Cast: Sai Srinivas Bellamkonda, Kajal Aggarwal, Sonu Sood, Payal Rajput, Mannara
Directed: Teja
Music: Anoop Rubesn
Cinematography: Sirsha Ray
Production: AK Entertainments

Rating: 3/5

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