Bharath New Movie Bottu Review

Bharath New Movie Bottu Review

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Love fame Bharat, Namitha, Iniya, Urvashi and Shakila are main lead actors of this film Bottu in Telugu and Tamil films directed by VCV adivadyan. The film was released yesterday.

Arjun (Bharath) is a medical student who gets caught while copying in an exam. As time passes by, his body was possessed by an evil spirit called Bottu (Iniya). Arjun transforms into a different league altogether and starts behaving weirdly. Who is this Bottu? Why is she after Arjun? and how arjun come out of this mess is this whole story of this film?

Technical Aspects:
Director Vadivudaiyan starts this film well but he loses on major emotions and story completely. He adds so many scenes which ar eirrelevant and do not create an impact on the story. Editing is bad as many comedy scenes will has been avoided. Music is by Amrish is just about okay but his background score was good. Production values and camerawork was decent enough.



Second Half


Bottu is a good script gone wrong kind of a film. The makers was good scope to elevate the proceedings but they did not utilize it. This film does not have the punch which was required from horror thrillers.

Title: Bottu
Cast: Bharath, Iniya, Namita
Director: V C Vadivudaiyan
Producers: G Kumar Babu
Music Director: Amresh Ganesh
Cinematographer: Harish
Editor: Aliena

Rating: 3/5

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