Bunny’s Love Towards Them Is Unconditional

Bunny Proves Again That He Cares For His Fans


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Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s love for his admires is unconditional. He always cares for his fans by helping them whenever in need and attending their gatherings every now an then. He proved his generosity towards his fans once again by attending the wedding of one of his fans, amidst his hectic schedule.
Bunny attended the wedding of a fan named Sirish, the other day in Hyderabad. Sirish joined as an office boy in Geetha Arts, a couple of years ago. But he was a huge interest in dance. Bunny noticed this interest and also liked the dance moves of Sirish. He immediately asked him to enrol for the dance classes.
Sirish was working as an assistant for a noted choreographer in the industry. When he invited his mentor for the wedding, Bunny obliged and attended as soon as he was back from his European trip. All the family members of Sirish at the wedding were over helmed with the presence of Bunny at the event.

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