Can Geetha Arts Bring Luck To This Hero?

Young her Karthikeya made a good impression with his debut film RX100. His acting was well appreciated in this film but none of the film he did after that proved to be successful. He tried his luck as both hero as well as villain but he failed badly. Even after acting in these many films, he is still known as RX100 fame which explains his career.
This hero was failed to build up a solid career after the initial success got an huge opportunity to work under Geetha Arts banner. The film is titled Chaavu Kaburu Challagunda and directed by Koushik. Allu Aravind and his team was making concept-based films with young heroes these days, it worked in favor of Karthikeya.
The film has been officially launched today in the presence of Allu Aravind. In Chaavi Kaburu Challangunda, Karthikeya plays the character of driver Balraju who drives a hearse. Lavanya Tripathi is the heroine in this film and the regular shooting was going to commence soon.