Chaitanya Madadi New Movie Hawaa Review

Chaitanya Madadi New Movie Hawaa Review

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Continuing the trend of low budget films, yet another movie by name Hawaa was released yesterday.


The film was completely based in Sydney. Charlie (Chaitanya Madadi) loses his parents and gets into small-time crimes to make it big in life. Fed up with his small earnings, he decided to bag a jackpot by betting on a dark horse in the Australian race. But to his bad luck, there are a number of criminals who was trying out different things for their own survival. Charlie gets entangled in all this and a chase is on to escape from this deadly. How Charlie comes out of this mess is the rest of the story.


Production Values
Divi Prasanna
Camera Work


First Half
Second Half

Technical Aspects:

Music by Gifton Elias was decent and so was his background score. Editing is neat as this film has a crisp runtime. The film defies of logic and raises several doubts regarding the crime scenes in this film. Coming to the director Mahesh Reddy, he was done a poor job with this film. The basic emotion was missing in his direction as his narration lacks punch and clarity.


Hawaa is a vedry poorly made crime thriller which does not have a basic emotion and seriousness. The camerawork and visuals was good but the rest of the story and its execution was below par and makes for an irritating watch this weekend…

Title: Hawaa
Cast: Chaitanya Madadi, Divi Prasanna
Director: Mahesh Reddy
Producers: Film and Reel
Music Director: Gifton Elias
Cinematography: Santosh Shanamoni
Editor: Karthika Srinivas

Rating: 2/5

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