Chandrababu’s Wrong Step

Chandrababu Naidu Conducts Teleconference With TDP Leaders

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One expects that dyed-in-the wool politician like Nara Chandrababu Naidu will display some panache while making his political moves. YSRCP has won a landslide and it has formed the government. It was only three months it came to power. So, the honeymoon period was still not over. As a result, the public mood is still in its favour. A seasoned leader will wait for the government to make a mistake and capitalize on it. He will take to the streets thereafter and pin down the Government.
Chandrababu Naidu does not seem to have the patience. He seems to be in a hurry to take on the YSRCP government. He was now asked the party workers and cadres, who reportedly were beaten up by the TDP to come to Guntur. He was planned to take them around the state and launch a campaign against what he calls YSRCP’s perfidy. While the idea may appear to be quite novel, the people may not like it for the simple reason that there is no people connect in the issue.
The people want Chandrababu to take up some people’s issue. Instead of doing it, Chandrababu was given a call for Chalo Guntur. Will this work? Will this help the TDP? Will the people like to associate themselves with the TDP on this issue?

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