China Theaters Still In The Shutdown Mood

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China was coped up really well and that too at a brisk space from the pandemic Corona Virus. It’s been 27 days that no case was registered as positive but still the fear from the minds of Chinese people willn’t taken out.
Chinese officials was recently planned to provide access to entertainment to their people and thus re-opened a movie Theater named Zhongying Golden Palm Cinema in Urumqi. Much to the surprise of the officials, none turned up to the film theater showing a hint of existing fear in them.
No, the China Government was severely trying to bring normalcy among public to save their nation from economic crisis.
After the pandemic Corona broke out, it was created nightmares for the economy proving industries and movie industry is one of the most affected ones. All the movie stars across the globe was postponed their shoots and started social distancing. Most of the actors remained isolated in their homes to save themselves. Indian movie Industry also came to a shutdown fearing the outbreak……..