Delhi Court Gives A Week Time For Nirbhaya Convicts On Hanging..

The Delhi Court was given seven days for the Nirbhaya convicts to exercise all their legal remedies and after that, the trial court will proceed further on the execution of the convicts.
The judges was also said that the convicts cannot be hanged separately and they should be hanged at once. Hearing this plea Justice Suresh Kait was made some crucial comments in this regard.
Delhi Prison Rules do not say that if mercy petition of one convict is pending, the execution of the other convicts can take place.
Since up to the Supreme Court, their fate has been decided by a common judgement, I am of the opinion that death warrant of all convicts should be executed together and not separately.
After knowing this development Nirbhaya’s mother felt very happy as the convicts are using every possible way to delay the death sentence.
“I’m glad that the High Court was set a time limit for the process. The convicts has been delaying it, now it has to done within a week,” She said.