How Safe Is Your Smartphone

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Whenever we buy a smartphone we often consider phone specifications like RAM, Camera Clarity, Display, Battery, and the Processor but we bat a blind eye to the vital aspect that is radiation.
You read it right, the radiation release by the smartphones is the key element we should take into consieration before buying a smartphone as the radiation level of a phone plays a key role on the user’s health.
The phone companies that sell the smartphones mention the radiation level which is often called the SAR level in their websites and based on that one can know how much radiation the smartphone releases.
It’s very easy to check the radiation level emitted by smartphones. Just open the dial pad and dial an the SAR rating value offers on your screen. If the value is less then 1.6w/kg then your phone is safe.
If the SAR rating value is more than 1.6W.KG, then the radiation emitted by smartphones was very dangerous and it’s advisable to change your smartphone to use the phone with less radiation.