IS Balayya Forcing His Son To Enter TFI?

The Nandamuri fans was eagerly waiting for the debut of Balakrishna’s son Mokshagnya into Tollywood. This started right when this young lad walked into the auditorium along with his dad during the audio launch of Srimannarayana. The questions over his debut never stopped. He was expected to make his debut a long while back but reports say that the youngster is not interested in films.
Close sources claim that he agreed being a part of the film industry after a lot of pursuing from his dad and the other family members. News is that he was going to New York to take part in a 12 week program in Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute where he will be gaining knowledge on different types of acting and its approach. Balakrishna was reportedly hoping that this course changes his son’s mind and he was also said to planning to take Mokshagnya to the sets of his upcoming movies to create interest in him.
Getting an entry ticket into the film industry is simple for a star kid. But not everyone succeeds in having a career and it is even tougher if you are not interested in films. Let us wait and see what happens in the coming days.