Is Pawan Looking To Add Another Project To His List?

Pawan Kalyan fans never saw their idol working in two films in a row let alone working on multiple films at a time. He decided to draw the Highest possible remuneration for all his projects and he doesn’t seem to slow down as well.
After Vakeel Saab-tentative title, he locked a film with Krish, which was being shot simultaneously and he even announced another film with Harish Shankar.
All these three will come out by the end of 2021 or by the middle of 2021. The actor has plans to do a film with Trivikram Srinivas before elections just like in 2018 but this time, with a better story.
He was expecting it to help him sonsolidate his image by 2023 and with all the projects he was lining up, he wants to accumulate as much money as possible, to launch a production house that will function in association with some other popular and big production houses with multiple films.
With this he wants to secure an income source for his future plans beyond 2024, as he wants to dedicate his life to politics, if he wins as MLA in 2024 and hence, the signing spree.
Now, there is another film added to the list say sources. This film will go on floors from mid-2021 for a 2022 release and in 2022, Trivikram Srinivas might start his film with Pawan Kalyan for 2023 release.
All these reports are at this point specualtions but they have strong base to them to become truth in coming years. after Harish Shankar’s film, Dolly or KS Ravindra will direct Pawan again.
The directors are looking for better scripts than their previous films and this time, Pawan will just show up on sets and do what is asked of him. He is more preoccuiped with politics to really care about subjects or get involved as much as he used to before. But politics to really care about subjects or get involved as much as he used to before. But the unsaid rule is that every story will have some social or political commentary undercurrent to help him popularise his ideas.