Krishna New Movie Krishnarao Super Market Review

Krishna New Movie Krishnarao Super Market Review

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Along with a couple of small films, senior actor Gautham Raja’s Son, Krishna’s debut film, Krishna Rao Supermarket is also out for public viewing today.


A Kick-boxing trainee named Arjun (Krishna) falls for a girl called Sanjana ( Elsa Ghosh). With in no time, love blossoms between then and when everything seems to be going fine, Sanjana gets murdered all of a sudden. Who is this killer? Why did he kill Sanjana? How will Arjun trace the killer and take his revenge? To know this, you have to catch the film in the theater near you.


Elsa Ghosh
Tanikella Bharani
Ravi Prakash, Gautham Raja, Banerjee


First Half
Love Story

Technical Aspects:

Debutant director Sreenath Pulakuram was missed a good opportunity as his story and the execution part are the main culprits of this film. Instead of narrating the crime drama straight to the point, Sreenath took unwanted deviations which irritates the audiences to the core.
Editing work is disappointing as close to 30 minutes of this film can be chopped off to make things appealing. Cinematography is the only good thing for this film as the night frames and a few natural visuals are captured well.
Music work is just about okay as one duet between the lead pair was nicely composed. The background score was impresses in parts. Production Values for this low budget film was adequate.

Title: Krishnarao Super Market
Cast: Krishna, Elsa Gosh
Director: Sreenath Pulakuram
Producers: BGR Films, TV Studios
Music Director: Bhole Shavali
Cinematography: A Vijay Kumar
Editors: Marthand K Venkatesh

Rating: 2/5

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