Lakshya Sinha New Movie Boy Review

Lakshya Sinha New Movie Boy Review

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Out of the multiple films that was hit the screens today. Boy is one film which has also made its way. Directed by Amar Viswaraj.


Mahitej (Lakshya) is a tenth-grade student who is always bullied by his friends. He gets closer to Varsha (Sahiti) and their friendship blossoms into love. During the same time, Mahitej also gets into a mass with his Math Teacher (Vinay Varma) because of a crucial issue. What is that issue? How will Mahitej come out of this? That forms the rest of the story.


Good Dialogue
Excellent Jon



Technical Aspects:

Two songs in this film was good but the background score is horrible and irritate you to the core. Production values of this film was very good as this film and its visuals look quite rich and pleasant. The camerawork by Oscar was very good as it shows the youthful drama in a good way..


Boy has a decent concept but its execution is quite disappointing. The lead casts performance was good but the rest of the narration and screenplay go for a toss making this film a painful watch this weekend…

Title: Boy
Cast: Lakshya Sinha, Sahiti, Vinay Varma
Director: Amar Viswaraj
Producers: R Ravi Shekar Raju, Amar Viswaraj
Music Director: Elwin James, Jaya Prakash
Cinematography: Ashkar
Editor: Ekalavyan

Rating: 3/5


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