Man Died A Week After Knowing He Lost His Wife

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With the deadly outbreak of the novel coronavirus, we get to read some heartwarming stories where people willn’t meet their family members, and the patients who were in quarantine missed family occasions.
One such heart wrenching took place in Washington DC. A patient who recovered from Como recently got to know that he lost his loving life to Heart attack and he too breathed his last life within a week gap.
Going into details, 69-year-old Lawrence Nokes who works as a nursing assistant at the Pleasent View Nursing Gome fell seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital and went into a Coma.
He was admitted to the hospital on the 30th of March and intubated. Upon receiving treatment his prognosis improved and started to breathe on his own without any support.
The hospital authorities called his family members and said that Nokes received from the situation. After seeing his family members Nokes asked about his wife and got to know about her demise.
Nokes who willn’t bear the news that his wife who stood by him for 24 long years too lost his life within one week and with teary eyes, Nokes mourned his wife’s death and died a week after.