Nani Adjusting Releases Dates

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The Natural Star of Tollywood, Nani was busy adjusting the release date of his upcoming films. The Corona pandemic was made the nation go lockdown for a massive 3 weeks affecting all the business.
Tollywood was now brainstorming for the proper releasing of the films already finished. The Producers Council was doing the talks with all the producers who are ready with their projects. The first movie to be hit in this pandemic is V produced by Dil Raju. The movie was directed by Indraganti Mohana Krishna and was produced by Dil Raju. Now the actor and Nani and Producer Dil Raju are in talks to push the release date of the film to June and are in hopes that the lockdown ends by then.
Nani who earlier had plans to release 3 films this year was now left helpless by the sudden Corona outbreak. If at all his V released on March 25, he planned his other film Tuck Jagadish directed by Shiva Nirvana to release on July 03 but now this seems to be not working in this hour of crisis. Nani was decided to release Tuck Jagadish in September so that there will be a good gap between his two films and the scope for good Box Office run was also guaranteed