Naresh And Rajasekhar Get Together Once Again

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There is a saying that there are no permanent enemies or friends in politics. May be that is the reason why senior actor Naresh and action her Rajasekhar got together once again. There were huge differences between Naresh camp and Jeevitha Rajasekhar camp a few months ago. Rajasekhar once burst out in front of media and Megastar even expressed his displeasure over it.
We don’t know what happened but Naresh was kept aside and Rajasekhar’s camp was lifted by the industry biggies. Now, both the camps are united once again. They came to a decision to work together and Naresh will be the president of MAA as per sources.
Reports from the insiders say that it is because Megastar Chiranjeevi started to organise meetings without the involvements of unions and the associations may lose its significance which is why both the camps kept aside their differences and become one. We need to wait till we find out more details about this.