Naresh New Movie Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu Review

Naresh New Movie Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu Review

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Senior Actor, Naresh’s much-delayed film, Raghupathi Venkiah Naidu was hit the screens yesterday.


Right from his childhood, Raghupati Venkiah Naidu (Naresh) was always attracted to arts. He fights with his parents and lands in Madras. After struggling a lot, he somehow becomes a photographer. He even buys a Cromo Megaphone and starts using it and develops the interest of the audience in films. He starts airing films through the touring tent procedure and this does not go well with the British people what start torching him. The rest of the story is as to what all problems he faced in life and how he ended his life in his last days.

Technical Aspects:

The production values of the film are just about okay. The camerawork of the film was pretty good and showcases the bygone era well. Editing was just okay and so was the music. Coming to the director Babji, he chose a good topic for making a biopic but his presentation and lack of serious drama bores the audiences.


Emotional Scenes
Maharshi Raghava
Supporting Actors




Raghupati Venkiah Naidu is an old school emotional drama which fails to engage the audiences. Even though there was enough scope for good melodrama, the director loses out on a good opportunity and makes the film boring and outdated. Only Naresh’s performance is outstanding…

Title: Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu
Cast: Naresh, Vahini, Tanikella Bharani, Maharshi Raghava
Director: Babji
Producers: Mandava Sathish Babu
Music Director: Sri Venkat
Cinematography: Kishan Sagar
Editors: Mohan-Ramarao, Shiva Sarvani

Rating: 3/5

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