New Romantic Movie Romantic Criminals Review

New Romantic Movie Romantic Criminals Review

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Sunil Kumar Reddy was come up with yet another crazy film titled Romantic Criminals. The film was hit the screens today.


Romantic Criminals mainly showcases the effects of drug mafia on today’s college-going youth. A young couple, Karthik and Angel commit various crimes in Vizag with the help of a drug peddler. One fine day, they decide to stop all the crimes and settle down in life. Will they be able to come out of the crime world easily? What kind of hurdles will they face? To know this, you have to watch the film on the silver screen.


Karthik, Avanthika


Drug Mafia

Technical Aspects:

Senior director Sunil Kumar Reddy’s idea of exposing drug mafia is good but he miserably failed in narrating it with some interesting proceedings. Editing work is not up to the mark as this film seriously needs a re-edit to avoid unwanted scenes.


Romantic Criminals is a boring and unconvincing crime drama which does not work in many aspects. Except for a new romantic scenes between the lead pair.

Title: Romantic Criminals
Cast: Manoj Nandan, Vinod, Avantika, Divya, Mounika
Director: Sunil Kumar Reddy
Producers: Y Ravindrababu
Music Director: Sudhakar Mario
Cinematography: SV Sivaram

Rating: 2/5

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