New Telugu Movie Okate Life Review

New Telugu Movie Okate Life Review

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Along with a bunch a small films, yet another film titled, Okate Life was also hit the screens.


Ram (Ramesh) is a money-minded guy who establishes an agency for those who have problems in love. Ram helps his close friends Prem in marrying his girlfriend Priya. When everything was going well in their life, Prem cheats Priya and flees away. Why did Prem cheat Priya? Is there any strong reason behind it? How will Ram rish his life to find the where abouts of Prem? To know this, all have to watch the film in the theaters.

Technical Aspects:

Director M Venkat’s thought of making a film on deadly game Blue Whale is appreciable but his narration lacks basic depth. His screenplay was confusing and abrupt most of the time.


Hard Work
Comedian Venu
Shruti Yugal


Second Half
First Half


Okate Life is a message-oriented film which falls flat in every department.

Title: Okate Life
Cast: Jithan Ramesh, Shruti Ygal, Venu, Suman
Director: M Venkat
Producers: Narayan Ram, Dwarakanth Reddy
Music Director: Sunil Kashyap
Cinematographer: Y Giri

Rating: 2/5


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