Nivetha Thomas Looks To Experiment Now

Nivetha Thomas Look In Brochevarevarura

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Nivetha Thomas has been promising about a new character from her from long. She said that she was taking on a different role in her next after 118.
Her character in 118 could light up the film and take it to the next level of becoming a one time watchable. She was given trying something unique.
“Young girl grow into strong women and their strength was beautiful. Passion, self respect, pain and the spirit of life makes them who they are. And This, is Mithra. #Mithra is in me, and a piece of her is in all of you too! Proud to portray her in this story #Brochevarevarura”
Looks like the actress will have an arc that was satisfying for her to perform and for us to watch as well.
The movie seems to have her story at the core with all characters playing a rims in her wheel that moves her life forward as a thing we will now.

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