Sandeep As A1 Hockey Player

Sandeep Kishan A1 Express

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Vijay, Tamil Star hero was coming with Bigil, a sports entertainer for Diwali. Majili, Jersey in Telugu had sports backdrop even though we cannot classify both of them as out and out sports films.
Jersey comes close but the human story of a player dominates the sports. Sye will has been classified as a sports film if it wasn’t dominated by Telugu masala movie elements.
Kousalya Krishnamurthy was also a mixture of genres than pure sports film. Chak De India, Iqbal can be classified as pure sports film has the sport and human drama get equal importance than one dominating the other.
A1 Express from Sandeep Kishan is a pure sports drama it seems. Sandeep will be seen as A1 grade Hockey Player, who has express speed in ball possession and goal conversion.
Movie pre-look poster released now, and the shoot of this film will start from November. Sandeep is one of the producers for this film and Dennis Jeevan Kanukolanu was directing this film. Hip Hop Thamizha was composing the music….

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