Shakalaka Shankar New Movie Nene Kedi No 1 Review

Shakalaka Shankar New Movie Nene Kedi No 1 Review

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Comedian Shakalaka Shankar was back with another caper called Nene Kedi No 1. This film which has been in the making for a long time was hit the screen yesterday.

Jackie (Shakalaka Shankar) is a roadside Romeo who misses the love and care of his parents. Because of this, he gets into a wrong path and wastes his time. He singles out kids who was going through the same problem as him and kidnaps them and treats them well. This is also the same time when yet another Shankar (Shakalaka Shankar) is brought into the picture. Who is this look alike and what connection does he was with Jackie forms the rest of the story.


Shakalaka Shankar
Villain Bijju



Technical Aspects:

Production values of this film was pretty good. Ajay Patnaik’s music is below par but his background score was impressive. Editing is horrendous as close to 15 minutes will has been easily chopped off in this film. The camerawork in this film was decent and so was the production design.


Nene Kedi No 1 is a horrendous masala entertainer which irritates you to another level. There is not one element which works in this film and seeing the build shots on Shakalaka Shankar, you will lose the small-time impression which you was gained on him from his previous good films and roles…

Title: Nene Kedi No 1
Cast: Shakalaka Shankar, Muskan
Director: Johnny
Producers: Johnny
Music Director: Ajay Patnaik
Cinematography: Shravan Kumar
Editor: Samuleti Srinivas

Rating: 2/5

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