Sharwanand Performs Mahapadi Pooja

Sharwanand Conduct Ayyappa Swamy Pooja At Film Nagar Temple

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Young actor, Sharwanand made it big at the box office after lot of struggle. He was planning for even bigger things and coming months.
He was waiting for Padi Padi Leche Manasu and Sudheer Varma film releases. There are many actors who take Ayyappa Deeksha in TFI.
Ram Charan is one of the regulars. Being a close friend to him, Sharwanand also decided to take up the Deeksha as it will be a help for him to stay grounded and focused in this galmour world.
He for 42 days, did not let any kind of bad influences affect him and people close him said that he showed even more concentration than normal days towards the work and performed all rituals with utmost more.
Sharwanand performed Mahapadi Pooja at Film Nagar Temple and ended his Deeksha under the guidance of his Guru.
He even did Annadanam and thanked everyone at the temple for blessing him.

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