Singer Sunitha Seeks KTR’s Help In That Matter

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Singer Sunitha Upradrasta had to ask KTR to help her in fighting the fake news spread about her. Gossips are at times harmless as they keep celebrities in the news and until they don’t interfere in their personal life, they too let them pass.
But few gossip mongers go beyond their limit to create news and that doesn’t help themselves to get views or that doesn’t put them in good books of celebrities, either.
Sunitha tried to fight the gossips that relentlessly tried to talk about her personal life and at times shame her.
Now, a different beast has come up, that is, Sensational Youtube Thumbnails. Even though people scold them in comments, even though several channels got suspended and are facing law suits, the thumbnails problem is not going away.
Recently, a FB page used Sunitha’s blurred photo to sensationalise the news that Singer Kanika Kapoor contracted Corona Virus. This did not go well with the Singer and she complained toTelangana CM Office.
She later asked KTR to help her in this matter too. We will like to say those wolves out there, Stop trying to spread false news just for views. Just imagine your loved ones in such situations where you’re putting a celebrity who made name for themselves for views!