Super Star Mahesh Babu New Movie Maharshi Review

Super Star Mahesh Babu New Movie Maharshi Review

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Vamshi Paidipally worked with all the Top Stars of Telugu Cinema except Mahesh Babu until recently. With Maharshi, he not only completes a full circle but also got the opportunity to direct the landmark film of the Superstar.


Rishi (Mahesh Babu) is a reputed CEO ofa multinational company in the US. In his urge to become the best in the world, Rishi forgets his past and several relationships. One fine day, he comes to know that Ravi Kumar (Allari Naresh) a very close friend of his is behind all his success. During the same time, Rishi also finds out that Ravi is in deep trouble in his small village of Rangapuram. Rest of the story is as to how Rishi leaves his rich lifestyle and saves Ravi and his village from all the problems it was suffering from.


Mahesh Babu has done a role with three shades. Allari Naresh leaves a lasting impact with the role of Ravi. Gaali Seeni in Gamyam, Ravi in Maharshi will be remembered for a very long time. Allari Naresh gets sidelined after a point and he wasn’t given proper ending.
Pooja Hegde roles given an impression that it will be different from regular Heroine character. Jagapathi Babu appears tad too routine as Antagonist. Prakash Raj and Jayasudha has done complete justice to their roles. Rao Ramesh, Sai Kumar and Rajeev Kanakala were alright.


Mahesh Babu
Allari Naresh
Press Meet
Idhe Katha Idhe Katha Song


Slow Narration
Long Run Time


Idhe Katha Idhe Katha is the best song in the album of Maharshi. Padara Padara is another track which gets positive feedback. Background Score isn’t bad but at times viewers get reminded of other films. Cinematography by KV Mohanan is marvellous. Vamshi Paidiapally’s command on the craft while looking at each sequence separately but on a whole he failed to narrate the subject in a heart-touching manner.


Maharshi is the 25th Movie of Mahesh Babu. It’s the story of Rishi who was born in a middle-class family becoming the CEO of corporate company and reaches a village in AP to fight on farmers issues in support of his Friend.


Maharshi is the journey of a man who finds his roots back in his motherland. Who better than Mahesh Babu to portray all this which has been narrated in an emotional manner by Vamsi Paidipally.

Title: Maharshi
Cast: Mahesh Babu, Pooja Hegde, Allari Naresh, Jagapathi Babu, Prakash Raj
Director: Vamsi Paidipally
Producers: Dil Raju, PVP, C Ashwini Dutt
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematographer: K U Mohanan
Editor: K L Praveen

Rating: 4/5

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