Tanish New Movie Rangu Review

Tanish New Movie Rangu Review

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Tanish was back after a long gap with a film Rangu which was set in the city of Vijayawada. The film was hit the screens.


Lara (Tanish) is a topper in school and college. He joins the senior college for his graduation and starts a happy life. His life becomes well but his seniors who are bad guys. Left with no choice, Lara takes the violence route and becomes a dreaded Rowdy. This is also the time when he falls in love with Poorna (Priya Singh) and decided to start a new life. But to his bad luck, even Poorna was a past and was being chased by goons. Rest of the story is as to how Lara leaves his violent background and saves the life of Poorna.


Tanish was said that this film cannot be fixed in a particular genre and the character’s travel in his life journey is an interesting affair. Tanish acted in more that 10 films till date, he failed to deliver a good performance.


Director V Karthikeya tried to present a life story of a rowdy in a realistic manner but he made a complete mess out of it.


Strength, Weaknes
Tanish, Paruchuri Ravi
Production Values


Full Movie
Castoff, Some sequences in the second half


Title: Rangu
Cast: Tanish Alladi, Priya Singh, Posani Krishna Murali, Raghu Karnumanchi
Director: V Kartheykaya
Producers: A Padmanabha Reddy
Music Director: Yogeshwara Sharma
Cinematography: T Surendra Reddy
Editor: Baswa Paidi Reddy

Rating: 3/5

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