TDP Will Come To Power In 2024 Balakrishna

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Talking at the annual meetings of Telugu Desam Party Mahanadu Actor turned politican who represents the Hindupur constituency Nandamuri Balakrishna made some sensational comments.
The annual meetigs were held through the Zoom app. The Hindupur MLA doubted if AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy can complete 5 years as the CM.
Balayya Babu expressed his overconfidence and said TDP will come to power in the state prior to the 2014 general elections which sounded a bit presuming. He even said that YSRCP will lose power.
The Hero breathed fire on the AP Government headed by CM Jagan said that people in the state are looking at what the government was doing. He added that Jagan failed to fulfil the wishes of the people in the state.
He urged the party cadre and leaders to be strong and brave an said that they need not be fear the ruling YSRCP government.