Telugu actor Subbaraju was Reveals Shocking News of Drugs.

Subbaraju was reveals Shocking Facts on Drugs.

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Telugu actor Subbaraju was grilled by excise department’s officials on drug racket issues. SIT (Special Investigation Team) Officials was interact to Subbaraju was started at 10:15 am and had been continued till last night at 11:00 Pm.
Subbaraju was learn to have to disclosed shocking facts to SIT officials. The officials was understood the drugs was supplied through 16 pubs across Hyderabad city.
The officers were planning a meeting with all of them tomorrow morning. On the other hand, Tarun will be interrogated by the officials tomorrow.
The interrogation was completed, Subbaraju interact with the media. He said, he had cooperated with SIT officials and also assured he will attend to the office whenever if required. He hoped drugs mafia will be eliminated from Telangana.

Subbaraju’s blood, hair, nails samples were collected by the doctors for further investigation.

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