This Is How Chandrayaan 2 Captured Earth!

Isro Releases First Set Of Earth Pictures Captured by Chandrayaan

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The Indian Space Research Organisation on Sunday unveiled first set of Earth images captured by India’s second lunar mission Chandrayaan -2. LI4 Camera on Rocket Lander Vikram Captured these five breath-taking pictures on August 3rd. Parts of Pacific Ocean and American Continent can be seen in them.
ISRO Chairman K Sivan told the images are crystal clear and the spacecraft was working normally. He claimed to be extremely happy with the progress of the mission.
Chandrayaan 2, the Rs 978 crore project, was launched on July 22nd. The landing on Moon was scheduled to happen on September 7th.
Way back in October 2008, ISRO launched Chandrayaan -1, 11 years later, The second lunar mission of Indian was happening….

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