This Is Why Anasuya Rejected Bigg Boss Offer

Reason Behind Anasuya Rejected Bigg Boss Offer

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A few months ago, there were reports in media stating that star Anchor Anasuya will be participating in the third season of the popular reality of Bigg Boss Telugu. In a recent interview, she admitted that she was indeed offered to participate in the show but she refused it in a smooth manner.
Anasuya also revealed the reason behind it. She said that she can’t live a single day without seeing and talking with her husband and children. You have to stay in Bigg Boss House without contacting and family members. Anasuya knew that she willn’t live like that and eventually turned down the offer.
This actress new film Kathanam was hitting the screens worldwide today and she was pretty much excited about it. Anasuya said that she used to not believe when actors used to say that they was having sleepless nights ahead of their movies release but she is realizing the fact as she was experiencing the same now…..

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