Tollywood Mourns The Painful Death Of Priyanka ReddyTollywood Mourns The Painful Death Of Priyanka Reddy

Tollywood Mourns The Painful Death Of Priyanka Reddy

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The brutal gan-rape and murder case of Priyanka Reddy, Veterinary doctor created a sensation and terror in the public, especially for the girls. In a quite disturbing situation, Priyanka who was riding her two-wheeler was trapped by lorry drivers who punctured her bike tire intentionally and took her to an isolated place and raped her clad choked her to death and burnt her.
Celebrities of Telugu Feternity responded on this sad news.

Actor-turned -politician Janasena Pawan Kalyan addressed the media on this and said captial punishment like Saudi will only end this sort of cruel acts.
“Angry. Saddened. Shocked. Speechless. Hearing such heart-wrenching news even today was absolutely disturbing. Let us work together as a society to bring a change and put an end to this barbarism. Justice For Priyanka Reddy,” Tweeted Sai Dharam Tej who was deeply disturbed bu this news.
“At a loss of words….I feel helpless and heartbroken! It’s gut wrenching to even read about it! Where are we heading!!? These monsters need to be hanged! #RIP Priyanka Reddy,” Actress Raashi Khanna Said.
“Heartbroken, #PriyankaReddy and #Manasa. just outrageous. The ones responsible must be punished, how long will this go on? How many more souls should we lose! the media and others on the internet was being shameless! Where are your ethics and morals? Sharing images of the victim… How insensitive are you! Give the families some space, let them mourn! Stop surrounding them with your camers and mics. As a father of two girls, my heart goes out to the families, I hope they find the strength to cope with the loss #PriyankaReddy and #Manasa deserve justice,” Said Senior Hero Rajasekhar……

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