Vijay New Movie Whistle Review

Vijay New Movie Whistle Review

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Whistle is a film that has been awaited for a long time even in the Telugu circles. The sports drama was finally hit the screens today..


Michel (Vijay) is the local messiah of the masses and often helps the poor. He was many enemies and who keep targeting him often. One fine day, Michel’s friend who is a ladies foot ball coach gets badly injuries and Michel is left to lead the side as a new coach. But the twist in the tale arise when the ladies in the team strictly do not want him as their coach. Why did they do this? What is the reason? Who is this Michel? What is his past and how does Michel train the team and win the tournament finally? To know this, you have to watch this film on the big screen.

Technical Aspects:

The makers was spent a bomb and that showcases the film in a superb light. Camerawork by Vishnu is top-notch as the thrills in the football match has been captured quite well.


Interval Bang


Stretching the First
Tamil Nativity
Scattered Boring Scenes


Whistle is an emotional sports drama that will surely click with the Tamil audience as it has relatable emotions, Vijay’s star-studded screen presence, and all the needed mass elements. The second half was good emotions and the message shown will click well will all sections irrespective of the language.

Title: Whistle
Cast: Vijay, Nayantara, Jackie Shroff, Vivek, Kathir
Director: Atlee
Producer: Kalpathi S Aghoram
Music Director: A R Rahman
Cinematography: GK Vishnu
Editors: Ruben

Rating: 3/5

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