Vishal New Movie Action Review

Vishal New Movie Action Review

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Action is one film which has been creating good waves because of its crazy trailers. This film was hit the screens today.


Subhash (Vishal) is an army officer who is the son of a CM. One fine day, his father announces Subhash’s brother as his successor and when all this is happening in a meeting, a bomb blast occurs and most of Subhash’s family gets killed. Subhash finds out that some international terrorist is behind all this. The rest of the story is as to how Subhash goes on a mission and finds the culprits.


Vishal is at his best doing action sequences like crushing the baddies or jumping from the roofs. He did not have any special scenes to showcase his acting prowess and he looked serious most of the time.
Aishwarya Lakshmi impresses in her brief role and Akanksha Puri is good as the assassin and looked very glamorous.


Action is quite good on the technical front. The cinematography was stunning . The BGM by Hip Hop Thamiza was amazing. Action choreography is on another level.
Coming to the director Sundar, he does a decent job with this film. Sundar creates good suspense and narrated the first half in a terrific manner.


First Half
Production Values


Last Half


Action is a masala thriller that has a gripping first half. Amazing stunts, good suspence and stunning visuals keep the audience engaged. The second half well but slows down in the last half an hour making the film predictable and routine.

Title: Action
Cast: Vishal, Tamannah, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Ramki, Kabir Duhan Singh
Director: Sundar C
Producers: Raveendran
Music Director: Hip Hop Tamizha

Rating: 3.5/5

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