Why Arjun Reddy Silent On Donations?

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With the ongoing global crisis, several Tollywood celebrities was come forward with their contributions in huge numbers. But some of the celebrities are still with locked lips on these donations.
The most desirable actor Vijay Devarakonda was also in this list. Since the topic of donations come up in TFI, we haven’t seen Vijay near or around it. Neither he donated to the Government relief fund nor the Tollywood trust. He maintained absolute silence over this issue. Interestingly, Vijay is not even seen on social media in recent days.
Generally, Vijay stays super active and motivates the youth often. But this time he was acting against his nature and preferred silence. Since Vijay was huge remuneration hero, the CCC was expecting a huge amoung from. So, along with Tollywood workers, the general audience was also waiting for Vijay’s response on this issue.